Explore Banba Interactive Map

Delaney update! You are invited to come explore Banba, using an exciting new feature on the Journey to Banba web site: a new interactive map of the Isle of Banba. Click on any section of the map to discover some of the magic that awaits.

Whether you’ve read the book before, or simply want to learn more, you will discover intriguing glimpses of this enchanted land. Fans might even get a hint of what is to come in book two… due out later this year.

A Map of the Isle of Banba

You can get to the map by clicking on “Explore” at the top menu, or by clicking on the map on this page.

March 14, 2013

Journey to Banba Second Edition In Print

The Delaney: Journey to Banba Expanded and Illustrated 2nd edition is now available for sale in paperback – available from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

January 24, 2013

Journey to Banba E-book Now Available

Big news, Delaney Fans! The expanded and illustrated edition of Book 1, “Journey to Banba,” has just been published as an e-book. This second edition features new chapters and scenes, and includes illustrations by the talented Christopher Lauto, who also did the art for the front cover.

The e-book is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If you have a third-party reader that uses ePUB, you’ll want to get the B&N version. If you have a Kindle, or prefer the Kindle reader, then Amazon is the way to go.

The print book is in publication now, and will be available in January of 2013. Check back for more info when the print book comes out.

December 14, 2012